Back in action!

Many of you may not have known or even noticed but my doula certification journey was put on hold for just over a year. To make a very long story short (because I am sure I will touch on some of these changes in future post), I really felt that God placed this passion on my heart but after the first couple months of beginning my certification I didn’t feel at peace with how I had been handling things. I had gotten the why’s and the how’s of this doula thing all wrong. In hindsight there were still a lot of things God needed to do in me to get my heart to a place where I was truly ready to fulfill his purpose for my life. I had been feeling really conflicted about it but I knew that putting it on hold was the right thing to do when I called my husband and he too had felt the same way.

So here we are a year later! Since then I have changed doula programs to one that feels much better and fits better into my busy lifestyle as a stay-at-home mom of now 3 babies! I have grown tremendously in some areas of my life that was really causing me a lot of heartache and strife (from me just not getting what God was trying to show me). I am so grateful for this year I’ve had off as its shown me so much about myself and about what God wants to do in me and through me!

Originally I wasn’t quite sure when I’d start back up. I honestly didn’t think it would be for another few years from now. But through a series of events God made it very clear to me that it was time to get back to it. It helped that hubby was feeling it too, he’s  always such great encouragement to me.

I’ve updated the “about me” section to reflect the changes God has made in my heart AND I’ve also got a new birth story up thanks to my amazing friend Anna!



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