God’s redeeming work

I gave up on this petunia a couple weeks ago. I confessed to my poor little Olivia (who bought it with her own money) and to my mother-n-law, that I had officially killed it. I don’t remember what made me think that it was finished and no longer able to flower but I was convinced that it was over. To be fair I’m not a gardener by any stretch of imagination but still, the point remains the same.

This morning I went outside and to my surprise these three flowers were alive and full of color amidst some dry and brittle soil. I had given up on it so I totally forgot it was even out there. Inevitably I had also forgotten to water it. I bent down and began to pull out all the built up dead leaves and prune out the dead flowers. I ran inside to get it some water and I moved it from the shade into the sunlight. I thought to myself “why did I give up on this plant so early? I should have tried harder and longer!” Luckily for the plant, I am not the one that gives life. Then it got me thinking about how good God is and how He is the one who gives life not only to plants and animals but to us and the people we love.
How often do we give up on dreams that we have or even on other people because for one reason or another we have determined that they are “dead”, “over”, or that there is “no more hope”. I know I am guilty. Thank God that he never does that to us! He is always pursuing us and giving us more chances. He can sustain us even in the midst of our dry and brittle life! He can sustain those dreams and people we have given up on even after we have determined that they won’t make it.

A perfect example of this in the birth world is a “rainbow baby” or a baby that is born after the loss of a previous baby. Or a “VBAC”, a vaginal birth after a cesarean. Or any mother who is able to have her ideal birth experience after a previous disappointing one. It is a constant reminder to me that God is in the business of healing and bringing things back to life! The last birth I attended was of a good friend of mine whose first birth experience was not what she wanted. She expressed to me that for this birth she really wanted things to be different. I was able to be there right next to her to help her have that experience. I am so glad that I get to participate in Gods redeeming work in a tangible way!


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