About Me

Hey y’all! My name is Asante but most people call me Sani. I have three sweet babies and I have been married to my amazing husband for 6 years now. 

I’m first and foremost a stay at home mom/homemaker but second to being a mother comes my passion for women, babies, and childbirth. This sparked after my first birth. I had such a great experience and it taught me that contrary to what society had told me my whole life, childbirth WAS NOT an awful thing to be afraid of and THERE WAS joy in it! My passion didn’t begin to thrive until after the home-birth with my son. I realized then that I had been blessed to know what I did about birth and I wanted to share that with other women!

I believe that all women, regardless of the kind of birth they have, can come away feeling strong and confident. I am convinced that my births were beautiful, not because I am a particularly amazing woman, but because I was informed, supported, and made to feel in control. I love my babies. The way they come into this world is very important to me and I believe that deep down every woman’s birth experience is important to her too.  By being a doula I aim to objectively educate women so that they can make well informed decisions when it comes to their births but ultimately I want to support and love on them in their unique birthing experiences.

I hope that by keeping up with my blog you will be able to journey with me as I support all different kinds of women having all different types of births. I hope that you will learn new things with me as I learn them, walk with me as I make mistakes, and join me in the excitement of fulfilling Gods purpose for my life!

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